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Hollywood Foundation pledges R5 million in flood relief support to affected KZN communities.

hollywoodfoundation-HWF KZNFloods 714px x 428px v1Hollywood Foundation pledges R5 million in flood relief support to affected KZN communities.2022/2023 Handovers

Various communities in KwaZulu-Natal were in severe distress due to the recent floods that impacted their lives and livelihoods. Responding to the devastation, the Hollywood Foundation launched their #HandsOfHope campaign, and has donated R1 million worth of fresh drinking water, food parcels and blankets to assist our communities with immediate relief.

After further assessing the sheer devastation faced by the greater KZN communities and seeing the rising numbers of those affected, the Hollywood Foundation increased their pledge to R5 million.

Currently 443 people have lost their lives and the death toll is continuing to increase. Over 600 schools remain damaged, many communities are without water or electricity and there are currently about 40 000 people displaced around the province.

By partnering with key foundations in KZN, such as Ntenga Foundation and Domino Foundation, as well as local radio stations, the Hollywood Foundation will be able to reach people who are in dire need and help restore our communities.

“At the Hollywood Foundation, we are always ready to offer support and give hope to people who are in need. The recent floods left many of our communities in KZN requiring urgent assistance, where we were able to provide R1 million worth of immediate relief in the form of food, blankets and clothing parcels. Now with our R5 million pledge, we aim to focus on projects with a longer lasting impact, such as infrastructure of schools or community halls destroyed in the floods,”
Rasigan Naidoo
Hollywood Foundation CSI Manager.

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