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Meaningful soccer sponsorship for Pharare Happy Stars

hollywoodfoundation-1. Players from Pharare Happy Stars with the soccer kit contributionMeaningful soccer sponsorship for Pharare Happy StarsLimpopo

Pharare Happy Stars, a football club in Limpopo, was happy to hear that their players will be receiving assistance from the Hollywood Foundation this year, through a soccer sponsorship. Grassroots sports development is a core pillar for the Team, and many sports clubs across the country have already received sporting kits and equipment that have made a tremendous difference in the lives of the players.

Pharare Happy Stars is situated in Pharare, and it opened its doors in 2012. There are four teams within the club, Under-10, Under-12, Under-16 and the senior team. Junior structures have also been put into place, in an effort to nurture and develop young talent who join the club. Currently, there are 45 players within the club, who practice twice a week. The ages of the players range between 10 to 27 years. The surrounding community has been affected by many social challenges, such as crime and poverty. With this in mind, the club was formed to assist and support young men through enhancing their soccer skills, as well as ensuring that these men do not end up living a harsh, cold life on the streets. Despite their players not moving up to any other leagues, the coaches and staff at the club work hard to ensure that the players engage in active practice sessions and develop their skills and abilities on the field. The club had reached out to the Hollywood Foundation for help, due to the Purple’s Team commitment to ensuring that young adults are given fantastic opportunities through playing sport. On 2 March 2023, the Team from Tzaneen was proud to visit the club, to hand over their share of soccer kits for the players to wear during practice sessions and matches. This soccer sponsorship has the aim of ensuring that the players have a sense of confidence, as well as boosting team morale.

Lucky Malatjie, the Manager of Pharare Happy Stars, thanked the Hollywood Foundation for the contribution, and said that other teams will now respect and recognise the players in their new kits.

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