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Hollywood Foundation iQhawe Week 2023: A Coach’s Perspective

hollywoodfoundation-iQhawe week 2 2Hollywood Foundation iQhawe Week 2023: A Coach’s PerspectiveSoccer Sponsorship

As the Hollywood Foundation iQhawe Week approaches, Sindiso Mene, one of the coaches of a Border team reflects on last year’s tournament, describing it as exceptional.

“From start to finish, it was a great tournament, expertly organised and generously sponsored,”

He said.

He commended the integrity and friendliness among coaches and management and praised the players’ and coaches’ time management. Sindiso was impressed with his team’s performance, securing a well-deserved third place, with top-notch lineouts, scrums, and rucks. He said,

“Their general play and game plan were consistently strong. One memorable match against Western Province highlighted the challenges faced by our rural players but served as a reminder that setbacks are part of growth.”

Sindiso emphasised how the Hollywood Foundation iQhawe Week has transformed participants’ lives, leading many to continue their rugby journey, with some making it to the U/16 Grant Khomo Week this year.

hollywoodfoundation-IQhawe Week 1 2Hollywood Foundation iQhawe Week 2023: A Coach’s PerspectiveSoccer Sponsorship

Looking into this year’s tournament, Sindiso said that he has high expectations from his team.

“I believe our team can make it to the finals. I’ve made some changes to our game plan, emphasising forward strength in the first half and wide ball play in the second. We’re focusing less on the rucks and more on lineouts,” he said.

According to him, building team dynamics is crucial, especially considering the diverse backgrounds of where the players come from.

“We’ve initiated team-building activities to foster inclusivity. The Hollywood Foundation’s support has been instrumental, especially in rural areas where parents often struggle with accommodation, transportation, and playing kit expenses. Their initiatives have helped unearth talent in deep rural areas, and we are grateful for their support,”

He said.

Sindiso stressed that the tournament is not solely about winning but also about encouraging young players to reach for their dreams as some have gone on to represent their provinces and S.A. Schools with the hopes of one day becoming professional rugby players.

His message to the players is clear,

“Stay focused, work together, and remember the key aspects of the game. Each player must be versatile in all facets of play.”

He urged everyone to make the tournament a memorable event and show appreciation to the Hollywood Foundations, the Cell C SA Rugby Legends, and the South African Rugby Union, for their vision and their unwavering support. He also expressed his excitement about being part of this incredible journey as a coach for over 10 years.

“We’re excited about the games in Johannesburg and hope to secure more victories this year. To all the coaches and management as well as the players, let’s make this tournament the biggest event ever by grabbing this opportunity to showcase what we are made of. Let’s ruck and roll boys and girls.”

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