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New Wave Ministries welcomes Corporate Social Investment (CSI) support from the Hollywood Foundation

hollywoodfoundation-2. Children from New Wave Ministries and representatives from the Hollywood FoundationNew Wave Ministries welcomes Corporate Social Investment (CSI) support from the Hollywood FoundationHollywoodbets iBranch MASTER

The Hollywood Foundation has been implementing an array of CSI initiatives across the country, and many of these projects have a specific focus on welfare. Through many handovers, the Purple Team has touched the lives of many vulnerable children, women and men. In February, the Team from KwaZulu-Natal was proud to lend a helping hand to a non-profit organisation, that has prioritised the needs and wellbeing of orphaned children and women in the community of Crossmoor.

New Wave Ministries opened its doors in 1997, after witnessing orphaned children walking the streets and rummaging through bins to find something to eat. The organisation has also offered support to abused women and children, by ensuring that these individuals are given a place to sleep and warm-cooked meals to enjoy. The dedicated staff at the organisation also ensure that the children are equipped with basic school supplies, so that they have the ambition to excel in their school work and work hard towards improving their lives. New Wave Ministries has a goal to educate those who seek shelter at their establishment and contributing towards improving the overall community.

The staff have opened up about the many struggles that they face on a daily basis, such as a lack of equipment and items. The Hollywood Foundation has been on a firm mission to help communities, ensuring that individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds are given the best possible chance of improving their circumstances and look towards a promising future. On 15 February 2023, the Team from Pelican was humbled to pay a special visit to the organisation, to present them with some much-needed equipment, such as a new refrigerator and some paint. This handover formed part of a CSI initiative, and has the aim of ensuring that the organisation continues to offer vital services to uplift and empower the community. Jannet Kisten, a Representative for New Wave Ministries, thanked the Hollywood Foundation for coming to their aid, and said, “The refrigerator will help to keep the food items cool, and the paint will help to keep the centre neat and tidy.”

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