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Back to School – Walmer Estate Primary School

hollywoodfoundation-IMG_20211124_112126-scaledBack to School – Walmer Estate Primary School2021/22 Handovers

Walmer Estate Primary School opened its doors to pupils in 1957 and it is based in Cambridge Street, Walmer Estate. The school was previously struggling to make ends meet and found a sense of relief when the Hollywood Foundation chose to lend a helping hand through the Back to School campaign. Learners at the school also make use of counselling services, art classes and books at the school’s library.

In an effort to assist learners in the new schooling year, the Team from Woodstock paid a visit to the school on 24 November 2021 to hand over an array of stationery items, such as books, pens, pencils and pritt. Denize Kellerman, a representative for Walmer Estate Primary School, said that her hopes and dreams for the school is for the children to reach their full potential.

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“This contribution is a huge relief because the limited funds that we have can now be utilised for something else. Thank you for acknowledging us and reaching out to provide assistance.”
Denize Kellerman
representative for Walmer Estate Primary School

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