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Assisting those in need – Cape Mental Health

hollywoodfoundation-WhatsApp-Image-2022-02-17-at-1.33.53-PMAssisting those in need – Cape Mental Health2021/22 Handovers

Established in 1913, Cape Mental Health is a facility that prioritises the needs of mentally-challenged people in the Western Cape region. The organisation was developed as a civil society response to the neglect of mental health services. Volunteers took the onus upon themselves to form this vital organisation, that still plays a huge role in society up until today. The organisation has goals to create equal opportunities and resources for people to benefit from mental health care, employment, education, housing and social services.

The Hollywood Foundation was proud to lend a helping hand to this organisation, that is continuing to impact lives on a constant basis. The Team from Landsdowne visited the organisation on 16 February 2022, to hand over fabric and thread for their sewing programme, wood for their carpentry programme, as well as papers and glue sticks. Sandra Ellis, the Manager for Cape Mental Health, thanked the Team for their contribution, and said, “This contribution will enable the training and production activities for the projects to advance.”

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