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#EmpoweringHER Recipient: Gaynelle Makhubele – Two Summers Health Centre

hollywoodfoundation-PHOTO-2022-08-10-16-01-26#EmpoweringHER Recipient: Gaynelle Makhubele   –  Two Summers Health CentreEmpoweringHER Recipient

Name of Business:

Two Summers Health Centre


Brief description of the business:

“Two Summers Health Center provides healthcare services to the community. I live in a town where there is no private hospital, so the community relies on the private sector for emergency care and minor surgeries. We also provide primary healthcare which includes preventative medicine.”


What were the challenges or needs of your business prior to receiving the contribution from the #EmpoweringHER campaign?

“I wanted to expand the business into becoming a day hospital since the community doesn’t have a private hospital.”


What was contributed to the business through the #EmpoweringHER campaign?

“Equipment: A sonar machine”


Describe the growth of the business since receiving assistance from the #EmpoweringHER campaign.

“We have opened a subacute clinic.”


What is your message to other female entrepreneurs who may be experiencing the same challenges?

“Keep your head up high. Save as much as possible and do not lose focus. Keep your eyes on the prize. When it gets tough, remember why you are doing what you are doing.”


What is your message to the Hollywood Foundation?

“You made a dream become a reality. The virtual chats encouraged me to push harder and not to let my surroundings limit me. Thank you so much. What you have given me is so valuable.”

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