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#EmpoweringHER Recipient: Mahlatse Tladi – Phengwa Trading and Projects (Pty) Ltd

Phengwa Trading

Name of Business:

Phengwa Trading and Projects (Pty) Ltd

Brief description of the Business:

“We are in the landscaping industry in Mpumalanga in a small town called Evander. We offer garden services, maintenance, recreational sites and we have added waste management in our service package.”

What were the challenges or needs of your Business prior to receiving the contribution from the #EmpoweringHER campaign?

“I applied for the funding to buy more equipment for the business and to be able to reach greater heights in the business space.”

What was contributed to the Business through the #EmpoweringHER campaign?

“We received equipment:  lawn mowers, brush cutters, a chainsaw, gardening tools, a trailer and PPE.”

Describe the growth of the Business since receiving assistance from the #EmpoweringHER campaign.

“I have seen business growth and we have finally established the business.”

What is your message to other female entrepreneurs who may be experiencing the same challenges?

“Just do it – any idea that comes to mind, do it. There is no job that is too manly for a woman, stand up and do the work.”

What is your message to the Hollywood Foundation?

“Thank you very much! Please continue giving support to us women.”

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