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#EmpoweringHER Recipient: Dimakatso Mampa – Matseba Wear (Pty) Ltd

hollywoodfoundation-PHOTO-2022-08-10-15-28-57#EmpoweringHER Recipient:  Dimakatso Mampa –  Matseba Wear (Pty) LtdEmpoweringHER Recipient

Name of Business:

Matseba Wear (Pty) Ltd

Brief description of the Business:

“Matseba Wear (Pty) Ltd is a black woman-owned company that is currently expanding its manufacturing and supply services and offering school uniforms, private clinics and guesthouse uniforms, protection work suits and other service garments.”

What were the challenges or needs of your Business prior to receiving the contribution from the #EmpoweringHER campaign?

“Matseba Wear (Pty) Ltd was expanding its manufacturing and supply services. The funds were required for further investment in machinery, employees and the training programme for women in the operating village and surrounding villages.”

What was contributed to the Business through the #EmpoweringHER campaign?

“Equipment and additional staff: Ryobi generator, Heavy Duty sewing machines, an Overlocker, an Industrial steam iron, a sliding door and a permanent and temporary employee.”

Describe the growth of the Business since receiving assistance from the #EmpoweringHER campaign.

“We have grown in machinery and human capital.”

What is your message to other female entrepreneurs who may be experiencing the same challenges?

“Make every day count! There must be something that you do for your business on a daily basis. That something must move you closer to solutions to challenges and will also bring in new clients. Don’t sit and wait, be proactive about solutions and profits.”

What is your message to the Hollywood Foundation?

“Honestly, words fail us. We have nothing but gratitude for the people at Hollywood Foundation. Everything was informative and motivational. The zoom calls that allowed for interaction with other businesses were incredible, this showed us that we are not alone, but it also motivated us to work harder and made us realise that women can achieve anything. Dreams can become a reality.”

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