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Bursary Programme Recipient – Natasha Singh

hollywoodfoundation-Natasha SinghBursary Programme Recipient –  Natasha SinghBursary Recipients

Which institution are you from, and what are you currently studying?


“I am studying through Wonder Kids Institute, and I am studying an Early Childhood Development course”.


Why did you choose this particular field of study?


“I chose this particular field of study because of my own children.”


What year of study are you currently enrolled in?


“I am in my second year.”


How did you hear about the Bursary Programme?


“I heard about it through a radio station, and I decided to apply.”


Can you briefly tell us how the Bursary Programme has made a difference in your life?


“It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be an educator, and after hearing about the Bursary programme, I decided to apply. Being a wife and a mother, you often put your needs last, and when the Bursary programme came along, it was my opportunity and I took it.”


Why would you recommend the Bursary Programme to other students?


“It is such an exciting programme. They really work fast on your application and they take an active interest in you. They follow up on your studies and what you are doing.”


Is there anything else that you would like to say to the Hollywood Foundation?


“Thank you for your generosity and for having faith in me, putting my needs first, and contributing towards my future endeavors. I really appreciate it.”

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