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Bursary Programme Recipient – Buhle Ndawonde

hollywoodfoundation-Buhle Ndawonde 1Bursary Programme Recipient – Buhle NdawondeBrighter Future Project

The Hollywood Foundation is excited to launch the Future is Bright bursary programme for 2023! We interviewed a couple of our bursary applicants, who are in the process of graduating, or have graduated already, who were grateful to receive assistance. Read more to find out how we brought some hope into their lives.

Which institution are you from, and what are you currently studying?

“I am studying through Wits Business School. I am currently studying a BBE-EE NDP. It is a Management Development Programme.”


Why did you choose this particular field of study?


“I chose this because I am in the Transformation Industry. I didn’t have a qualification for BEE, but I had experience. That’s why I chose this specifically, as it deals with what I do.”


What year of study are you currently enrolled in?


“It is a short 1-year programme, from 2022 to 2023.”


How did you hear about the Bursary Programme?


“I heard about it via emails from the company, as I work for Hollywoodbets. My Manager also advised me to do it for my development in my Performance Review.”


Can you briefly tell us how the Bursary Programme has made a difference in your life?


“It has made a huge difference. Like I said, I have experience, but I don’t have a qualification to back up the experience. For me, it was quite exciting, and I was also happy to apply, because I knew that it will open more doors and opportunities for me.”


Why would you recommend the Bursary Programme to other students?


“I would definitely recommend it to them. It will help to open up more opportunities for them, just to gain those skills. Obviously, with tertiary fees being so expensive, it’s something that we need, where companies are assisting young people in the country to further their studies.’


Is there anything else that you would like to say to the Hollywood Foundation?


“Thank you. Continue to do what you are doing. It’s amazing what you guys are doing for South Africans out there.”

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