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Back to School for Northlen Primary School

hollywoodfoundation-PHOTO 2022 03 03 12 04 02Back to School for Northlen Primary SchoolBack to School Campaign

Northlen Primary School is based in Northcroft, and it has been empowering learners since 1982. The school was excited and extremely grateful to hear the good news that the learners at the school will be receiving support from the Hollywood Foundation’s Back to School campaign this year.

The school has been very vocal about the many challenges that it faces, such as low funds and insufficient resources for the learners. The learners at the school also enjoy swimming lessons, and they receive a meal through the school’s lunch club. On 3 March 2022, the iBranch Team from KwaZulu-Natal was proud to make a much-needed contribution for the learners, in the form of stationery supplies, like paper and flip files.

The Principal of Northlen Primary School, Mrs Naicker, said that the contribution from the Hollywood Foundation will assist the school in terms of worksheets. Mrs Naicker also praised the Back to School campaign and said that it is a great way to uplift schools.

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