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Hollywoodbets Estcourt chose to support Young Champions FC for the Hollywoodbets’ My Community Programme for 2020/21.

Hollywoodbets Estcourt
Young Champions FC
This football club was established in 2004 with the main aim of keeping their local youth off the streets. Another reason the club was started was to find local talent and to equip these players with the necessary skills to achieve their soccer goals. The club’s proudest moment was when they were invited to take part in the SAB League!
The Hollywoodbets Estcourt Team heard about the club through local punters who mentioned that they support them in their matches. For this reason, the Team made a donation of a full soccer kit to the club.
Chairman of Young Champions FC, Michael Sithde, was thrilled to receive the club’s new Hollywoodbets kit.

“Our players are so excited to wear their new match kit, and it has also motivated them to work even harder. We are now hoping to attract even more new supporters when we represent Hollywoodbets on the field,” he said.

Contact details:
C: 076 936 4729
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