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West Park FC – 2018/2019

Hollywoodbets Sgt Peppers supports West Park FC

The Hollywoodbets Sgt Peppers Team chose to support West Park FC as part of the Hollywoodbets Soccer Sponsorship Programme for 2018/2019. Learn more here.

West Park FC
Hollywoodbets Sgt Peppers
Eastern Cape
This club was started in 1991 to provide an environment where young and old in the community could be entertained and enjoy the game of football.
West Park is made up of 28 players and consists of an Over 35 team as well as a junior development team.
The club practices twice a week to hone their skills.
The Hollywoodbets Sgt Peppers Team liaised with the club and realised that they had been seeking a donation.
The Team then visited the club to donate a brand new set of soccer kit to the players.
Club secretary Ryan Erskine expressed his gratitude to the Team.

“This donation will help us redirect funds to areas within the club that need development. The kit will also give the players confidence to play with pride and to play a better game,” he said.

Contact details
T: 084 663 9506
E: [email protected]
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Hollywoodbets is actively involved in its CSI projects,  and makes many donations to organisations in its community. View the Hollywoodbets My Community website here.

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