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Soccer Sponsorship for CCK Legacy from the Hollywood Foundation

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The Hollywood Foundation was proud to lend a helping hand to CCK Legacy in February. Grassroots Sport Development is one of many major pillars for the Team, as they are aware of the many benefits that sport may have on the overall functioning of youth in the country. Through many soccer sponsorships, the Purple Team aims to not only assist developing clubs, but to uplift communities and change lives.

CCK Legacy was established in 2015, and it is based in Fisantekraal, Western Cape. There are six teams in the club, and 144 players in total. The club also consists of junior structures, in order to nurture the next generation of athletes. Many social challenges, such as poverty, crime and drug abuse, are prevalent in the area and the club was formed to ensure that the youth have a safe haven, as opposed to living a harsh, cold life on the streets. The players at the club are extremely eager and hardworking and engage in practice sessions three times a week. The club has tasted success in the past and won several tournaments. Three players at the club were also scouted and have moved up to other leagues. Like many other clubs, there are challenges to overcome, and this prompted the club to seek assistance from the Hollywood Foundation.

The Hollywood Foundation has been impacting an array of developing clubs, in order to ensure that young talent have the best possible chance of growing and achieving greatness in the future. On 9 February 2023, the Team from Durbanville paid a friendly visit to CCK Legacy and presented new sporting kits to the players. The players could not contain their excitement and were grateful for the much-needed support that will help to improve team morale within the club. Chumani Kobeni, the Chairman of CCK Legacy, thanked the Purple Team for their support, and added that this contribution will ensure that the players no longer have to share their kits during training and matches.

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