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Rising Stars FC received new soccer kits for the team.

hollywoodfoundation-IMG-20220210-WA0056Rising Stars FC received new soccer kits for the team.2021/22 Handovers

Rising Stars FC was established in 2016 and it is based in Secunda. The club is comprised of seven teams and 140 players, who practice three days a week. The club was primarily formed to prevent the youth in the community from substance abuse. The club takes pride in developing the talent of its players, and some have been promoted to the Glad Africa Championship.

On 10 February 2022, the Team from Secunda visited the club to present them with new soccer kits, as part of the Hollywood Foundation’s campaign to support developing sports teams in the country. Thabo, the Coach for Rising Stars FC, was overwhelmed after receiving the new gear, and said that it will help the club tremendously when they play away games this year.

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