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Mighty Doves FC is ecstatic with their new sponsored soccer kit.

new sponsored soccer kit

Mighty Doves FC is based in the Western Cape, and the club was established in 1990. The club has five teams, which are comprised of 90 players. The players practice from Monday to Thursday, at Masiphumelele. One of main reasons that the club was formed was to develop the youth within the community and afford them a better quality of life, that does not involve crime-related activities. One of the club’s proudest moments was winning the League for the first time in 2015 and progressing to the promotional play-offs, under the South African Football Association.

The Hollywood Foundation is still making a positive change across various developing sports teams in the country. On 18 March 2022, the Team from Wynberg was thrilled to make a much-needed contribution to the club, in terms of new soccer kits for the players. The club has opened up about the many challenges that it faces on a constant basis, such as sharing jerseys within a group of players. The Chairman of Mighty Doves FC, Bongani Zenzile, explained that the new soccer kits will now help to ensure that players have their own gear.

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