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Hollywoodbets, Phaka and Breakers Rugby Club join forces

hollywoodfoundation-Breakers-Rugby-Club-scaledHollywoodbets, Phaka and Breakers Rugby Club join forces2021/22 Handovers

Established in 1944, Breakers Rugby Club have been passionately involved in growing grassroots level rugby. Based in Queenstown, the club is committed to growing the game of rugby throughout their community. There are 60 club members who all share the same rugby spirits on the hope of bettering their sporting skills.

As part of Hollywoodbets’ and Phaka’s mission to support rugby at a grassroots level, they decided to visit Breakers Rugby Club to hand over some training equipment and a smart new match kit.

Club representative, Lamla Maneli, had was excited to see the club sporting their new sponsored kit.

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