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Hollywood Foundation iQhawe Week nurtures rugby talents

hollywoodfoundation-iQhawe Week 1Hollywood Foundation iQhawe Week nurtures rugby talentsRugby Sponsorship

As the Hollywood Foundation iQhawe Week draws closer, scheduled for 2-5 October 2023, the excitement in the air is palpable. This highly anticipated tournament stands as a shining platform for emerging young rugby talents, where aspirations come to life, and the values of teamwork and unwavering dedication take center stage.

With a storied history of nurturing the next generation of rugby superstars, the Hollywood Foundation iQhawe Week is poised not only to create indelible memories but also to ignite the flames of inspiration for the champions of the future.

Last year, the Boys’ Division saw Boland claim the coveted title of champions, while in the Girls’ Division, Tshwane Girls emerged victorious, etching their names in history. These young athletes left spectators awestruck with their exceptional performances, setting a new bar of excellence on the rugby field.

The standout player of the tournament, Jade-Will Koopman who played for Boland, not only earned the coveted Man of the Match title but also cemented his position as the tournament’s overall Man of the Tournament. Jade-Will’s remarkable prowess and unrelenting commitment shone brightly, making him a true player to watch in the world of rugby.

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The former learner at Groendal Secondary School has now taken his talent to Westville Boys High School, a journey catalysed by a scholarship awarded through the Hollywood Foundation iQhawe Week. “Rugby is in my family.

I started playing the sport at the age of four. It was a privilege to play in the iQhawe Week, to showcase my talent, and getting the scholarship was a dream come true for me,” Jade-Will said.

He expressed deep gratitude for the opportunities presented to him and the growth he has experienced through his love for rugby. He said he aims to continue to showcase his talent and make his community proud.

His teammate Jadrian Afrikaaner, previously from Vedendal Secondary School found his rugby calling also at a young age, often watching games with his father. Becoming a part of the Boland team and securing a scholarship brought boundless joy to Jadrian.

His journey extends beyond personal achievement, he plays not only to find solace on the field but also to make his parents immensely proud. As he embraces new horizons, he faces the challenges of adapting to a new environment and language with a heart full of optimism, driven by the abundance of possibilities that lie ahead.

“I am honoured to be chosen as one of the 20 players to receive the scholarship. It has been quite an amazing journey so far. I am thankful to my coach for believing in me, I hope that I will be able to make him and my family proud,”

said Jadrian.

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