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The Hollywood Foundation supports DHS RHYTHM Cricket Club with Cricket Sponsorship, handing over kit and equipment

hollywoodfoundation-DHS RHYTHM Cricket Club 3 minThe Hollywood Foundation supports DHS RHYTHM Cricket Club with Cricket Sponsorship, handing over kit and equipmentHollywoodbets iBranch MASTER

In a noteworthy display of support for sports clubs, the Hollywood Foundation has extended its backing to the DHS RHYTHM Cricket Club. Recognising the vital role of such clubs in nurturing young talent, the Foundation is providing essential assistance through a cricket sponsorship, including kits and equipment, enabling them to carry on their valuable work.

Boasting a remarkable heritage dating back to 1939 when it was known as the Pirates Cricket Club, the DHS RHYTHM Cricket Club has since merged with the DHS Old Boys Cricket Club in 2005 and the RHYTHM Cricket Club, representing the Redhill Youth Movement. Over the years, the club has successfully produced notable players like Hashim Amla, Imraan Khan, Ahmed Amla, and several schoolboy cricketers who continue to represent the province at various age group levels.

On Tuesday, 23 May 2023, at the Danville Park Sports Field in Durban North, the Hollywood Foundation Team, accompanied by Proteas spin bowler and Brand Ambassador Keshav Maharaj, presented the DHS RHYTHM Cricket Club with much-needed kit and equipment as part of their cricket sponsorship initiative. This gesture holds immense significance for the club, which was previously home to 22 teams and remains a prominent force within the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union circles.

The club’s accomplishments extend well beyond the local cricket scene. In 2020, their first team achieved promotion to the KZNCU Premier League by winning the KZNCU Promotion League, the highest amateur league in the province. Moreover, the ladies team had an impressive season, securing a third-place finish in the KZNCU Ladies Premier League. The club has also expanded to include a veterans’ team, now boasting a total membership of 170 players across various categories.

The volunteers at the club, including the dedicated office bearers, tirelessly devote their time and efforts without any financial compensation, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to the club’s mission. However, financial constraints have necessitated a reduction in the number of junior teams due to a lack of funds for qualified coaches. As a result, securing sponsorships for playing kits has become a priority for the club’s flagship teams competing in the KZNCU Premier League and the KZNCU Ladies Premier League.

Expressing deep appreciation for the support of cricket sponsorship received from the Hollywood Foundation, Mags Reddy, Chairman of the DHS RHYTHM Cricket Club, highlighted the significance of community development in cricket. “The Hollywood Foundation’s contribution to the DHS RHYTHM Cricket Club is a testament to their dedication to supporting sports clubs and empowering young talent. Through partnerships like these, we can continue to make a positive impact on the development of cricket in our communities,” said Mags.

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