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Hollywood Foundation partners with Ntenga Foundation, and SANTACO for the Back to School campaign in Mayville, Durban.

hollywoodfoundation-PHOTO 2023 04 25 15 08 15 2Hollywood Foundation partners with Ntenga Foundation, and SANTACO for the Back to School campaign in Mayville, Durban.Hollywoodbets iBranch MASTER

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal: The Hollywood Foundation’s Back to School campaign in collaboration with Ntenga Foundation, and the South African Taxi Association (SANTACO), is making a significant impact in the lives of young learners in Mayville, Durban.

This year, the campaign focussed on renovating toilets, refurbishing two classrooms, a science lab and an economics class as well as a contribution of 100 desks to Mayville Primary and Secondary Schools.

The renovation of toilets is essential as it provides a hygienic environment for learners, which can positively impact their learning experience. Additionally, the contribution of desks and the refurbishment of the science lab and economics class will provide learners with better resources and facilities for their studies.

The initiative was unveiled at an official event held on 25 April 2023, attended by learners, teachers, representatives from both the Hollywood and Ntenga Foundations, and members of the taxi fraternity. The partnership between these three organisations is a testament to the power of collaboration and a shared vision of making a difference in the lives of others.

Speaking about the initiative, Chairperson of SANTACO in Durban Central, Yusuf Khaliva, said that the partnership with Hollywood Foundation and Ntenga Foundation has primarily focussed on corporate social investment programmes in which they primarily reach out to underprivileged families and school children. “As partners, we’ve always had a shared interest in educational advancement and we have collaborated on a number of successful programmes, including school uniform handover and sports, to name a few. We have joined forces once more in an effort to bring hope to these young learners (future leaders), this time through the contribution of school desks to the Mayville Primary School and Mayville Secondary School, under the Cato Crest Association in the Durban Central Region. In addition to this, we will volunteer our time to paint the school premises which are in disrepair,” said Khaliva.

Siyanda Ntenga, Chairman of Ntenga Foundation, said he was excited about this year’s Back to School campaign as it is one of a kind. “For years, since we started partnering with Hollywood Foundation on this campaign, we have been focussing more on school uniforms and this is the first time we are prioritising water, hygiene, sanitation and school furniture of which we felt they are very important. Lack of proper classroom furniture, safe water and proper sanitation in schools affects children’s learning. By providing these necessities, schools become equipped to focus on the provision of education and children are able to focus on learning without any distractions,” Ntenga said

Speaking at the event, Morgan Shandu, National Head of Operations at Hollywoodbets, thanked SANTACO and Ntenga Foundation for their willingness to assist the school. He said, “We as the Hollywood Group, we believe that our customers come from these communities, so it is important for us as a company to go back and give back to these communities.” He further encouraged teachers to approach companies for financial assistance, and said, “Ask yourself what you can do to make sure that the children have a brighter future.”

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