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Good Hope Cricket Club Receives a Cricket Sponsorship from the Hollywood Foundation

hollywoodfoundation-Kid playing cricketGood Hope Cricket Club Receives a Cricket Sponsorship from the Hollywood FoundationHollywoodbets iBranch MASTER

Sport continues to play a major role in discipline and helping youngsters choose a right path in life, instead of living life on the streets. The Hollywood Foundation understands that in order for sports clubs to be able to upskill and nature talent, they need assistance with various needs including kits, equipment and financial contributions. Recently, the Purple Team lent a helping with a cricket sponsorship to a club in need.

Good Hope Cricket Club, based in the Eastern Cape, was formed in 1965 with the aim to upskill the youth in the area of eQonce. The club also plays a part in preventing children from living a life on the harsh streets by giving them the opportunity to play competitive cricket.

The formation of this club was inspired by the love and passion for the game of cricket with a goal of winning leagues. The club wishes for their players to get the opportunity to play in the provincial teams in different age groups, with the ultimate goal of representing the country.

The cricket sponsorship of playing equipment, cricket pads, cricket gloves, cricket bats, boxes, scorebooks and thigh combo, will help to boost team morale and confidence, especially when they are playing against other teams.

Asanda Sudumo, the President of the Good Hope Cricket Club, said that the club was formed in 1965 and it later evolved from being a club for Good Hope Textiles employees to be a community club of people from King William’s Town, Middledrift and Alice. He said that the club works with 80% of unemployed youth for both male and female teams. In 1992, the club was promoted to the premier league and have never been relegated. Asanda was excited to receive the support through a cricket sponsorship from the Purple Team and said that the contribution will help the players to be motivated. He said, “It is discouraging for players when playing in the league with depleted equipment. Thank you, Hollywood Foundation.”

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