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The Hollywood Foundation nurtures young talent in Eastern Cape through impactful Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiatives

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The Hollywood Foundation recently marked a momentous achievement in its commitment to nurturing young sporting talent and advancing grassroots sports development. As keen advocates for the growth of sports at the grassroots level, the Purple Team embarked on a heart-warming journey into the Eastern Cape, leaving an indelible mark on communities in Mdantsane, King Williams Town, and Gqeberha between 28 and 30 November 2023, through their generous CSI contributions.

Flying Eagles FC, established in 1980 with over 117 players, received the Hollywood Foundation’s support on November 28. Mr. V Manzana, the Secretary at Flying Eagles FC, expressed profound gratitude for the CSI contribution, emphasising its potential to transform lives.

He remarked, “In an environment plagued by substance abuse among young people, we believe that this donation of soccer kits and equipment will attract more youth to join the club and help in steering them away from the streets.”

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On the following day, the Hollywood Foundation extended its support to Teenagers Sporting Club, established in 1987 with 70 players. Mbulelo Vazi, the Senior Team Coach, shared the club’s journey, stating,

“Ever since the club’s formation, we have never had an opportunity to have multiple kits. We are grateful to the Hollywood Foundation for ensuring that all our divisions now have their own kits, marking a transformative moment in our history.”

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The impactful journey concluded on November 30 with M. Chiefs Football Club, bkj. established in 2016 and boasting 150 players. Sithenkosi Mamkeli, the Ladies’ Team Coach, conveyed her gratitude, saying,

“Our ladies’ team was always forced to share a kit with the boys’ senior team. We are happy and excited because, with this assistance from the Hollywood Foundation, all our divisions now have their own kits, symbolising unity and empowerment.”

In each community visited, the Hollywood Foundation’s commitment to Corporate Social Investment shone brightly, illuminating the path for a new generation of aspiring athletes and fostering a legacy of positive change. Their enduring support serves as a testament to the transformative power of sports in uplifting communities and nurturing the dreams of the youth.

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