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#HopeisPower – Xumani Trading CC

hollywoodfoundation-IMG_1756-scaled#HopeisPower – Xumani Trading CC2021/22 Handovers

Xumani Trading CC was launched in 2010 and it is an internet café. The business was one of many establishments that were affected by the looting and unrest that took place in July in KwaZulu-Natal and parts of Gauteng.


As part of the #HopeisPower campaign, Hollywoodbets partnered with East Coast Radio to help establishments who were in distress. Xumani Trading CC was identified as one of the many organisations that needed a helping hand and on 10 November 2021, the organisation was presented with visitor chairs, office chairs, surveillance cameras, routers, monitor screens, UPS and a D-Link Switch.

hollywoodfoundation-IMG_1760-scaled#HopeisPower – Xumani Trading CC2021/22 Handovers
hollywoodfoundation-IMG_1753-scaled#HopeisPower – Xumani Trading CC2021/22 Handovers

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