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#HopeIsPower – South African Positive Women Ambassadors

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The South African Positive Women Ambassadors is an organisation that was founded by women and helps women who are living with HIV, cancer and have survived gender-based violence in the country. The non-governmental organisation has human rights activists who are part of its staff. SAPWA supports people from marginalised and vulnerable groups in South Africa. As part of the #HopeIsPower campaign, Hollywoodbets handed over food hampers to the organisation in its efforts to help those who needed support. Hollywoodbets also put the organisation in its database to forge a strong relationship going forward.

“Most of women and children were affected by the riots as it was unsafe. Most businesses were affected. Hollywoodbets gave us groceries and cleaning things. Hollywoodbets gave us life and we have something to start on and it will help us a lot as the prices in shops are still high.”

She said people have been approaching her for food and she ended up using food meant for her children to help the poor. With the donation from Hollywoodbets, Silungile said she can now provide food to people who need it.

#HopeIsPower #Communities

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