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Hollywood Foundation’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiatives Brighten the Future for Lilanga Secondary School

The Hollywood Foundation has long been a pillar of support in uplifting communities through its comprehensive CSI initiatives and programmes. With a staunch belief that investing in our communities paves the way for a brighter future for South Africans, the foundation continues to make a remarkable impact. Established in 1983, Lilanga Secondary School is a testament to the Foundation’s commitment to making positive change through its CSI endeavours.

Lilanga Secondary School, nestled in Diepdale, has been a beacon of hope for the 710 beneficiaries it caters to. The school’s vision is to enhance the academic success of its students, with a particular focus on Mathematics and Sciences, especially among girls. The Hollywood Foundation’s CSI initiatives have played a significant role in transforming this vision into a reality, making learning fashionable once again in this underserved community.

For many years, Lilanga Secondary School has been neglected, and its facilities were in dire need of renovation and expansion. Among the critical needs were a fully equipped kitchen and a modern computer centre, crucial components for a holistic education in the digital age. The Hollywood Foundation, as part of its CSI mandate, recognised these challenges and took a decisive step to make a lasting impact.

On the 20 October 2023, the Hollywood Foundation’s dedicated Team embarked on a journey to Diepdale, bearing with them the promise of positive change. The culmination of their CSI efforts was a heart-warming moment when they handed over a newly renovated school to the eager students and teachers at Lilanga Secondary School. The Team was welcomed with open arms and a joyful atmosphere, turning the day into a vibrant celebration of community and collaboration.

Mr. Mkhatshwa, the Principal of Lilanga Secondary School, was elated, expressing his heartfelt gratitude by saying,

“We are very grateful for the contribution from the Hollywood Foundation; our kids now have a conducive environment to learn.”

This statement underscores the essence of CSI initiatives – creating environments that foster growth and learning, ensuring a brighter future for the community.

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