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Hollywood Foundation’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative empowers Siyajabula High School

hollywoodfoundation-Siyajabula 3Hollywood Foundation’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative empowers Siyajabula High SchoolCorporate Social Investment Programme

In an ongoing dedication to community empowerment, the Hollywood Foundation’s Team journeyed to Botha’s Hill, located west of Durban, in the month of June. This visit exemplified their unwavering commitment to uplifting communities and their determination to enhance the well-being of the local residents.

Siyajabula High School, situated in Botha’s Hill, KwaZulu-Natal, experienced a remarkable upturn as a result of the Hollywood Foundation’s outstanding CSI initiative. Since its establishment in 1974, the school has consistently stood out as one of the top-achieving educational institutions in the province. However, the school faced significant challenges due to limited resources, including a scarcity of educational materials and computers.

Recognising the vital role education and training play in shaping young minds, the Purple Team, epitomising the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, paid a visit to the school, generously providing students with a wide range of invaluable resources, such as laptops and calculators. This particular effort also served as a gesture of gratitude to the community for their support during the Comrades Marathon held in June 2023.

The magnitude of this contribution was met with immense gratitude and appreciation. For the Hollywood Foundation, this initiative perfectly aligns with their core pillar of Education and Training, empowering Siyajabula High School with the essential resources they urgently require.

Through this remarkable collaboration between Siyajabula High School and the Hollywood Foundation, the resource gap has been successfully bridged, ensuring that learners possess the necessary tools to thrive academically. Mlungisi Dlala, a teacher at the school, expressed heartfelt thanks for this generous contribution, emphasising its significant role in supporting learners who cannot afford calculators.

This extraordinary partnership exemplifies the profound impact that can be achieved when organisations like the Hollywood Foundation actively prioritise the needs of educational institutions, ultimately fostering an environment where learners can flourish and reach their full potential.

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