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Relieving those at Kwacutshwayo Primary School through the Back to School campaign.

hollywoodfoundation-IMG 4267 1 scaledRelieving those at Kwacutshwayo Primary School through the Back to School campaign.2021/22 Handovers

Kwacutshwayo Primary School is based in Shongweni, and it opened its doors to eager students in 1940. The school was chosen to receive assistance from the Hollywood Foundation’s Back to School campaign by the Racing Office and SBN Department at HUTS. Excitement filled the air when the school was notified that it will be getting much-needed school supplies to assist learners this year.

The school has stated that many of its learners come from poor households. As such, their parents are unable to pay for basic school requirements at the start of January, which is a stressful period for many people. Apart from educational services, the school also offers pastoral care and counselling services for learners. The Team from HUTS was all smiles as they paid a visit to the school on 17 February 2022 to hand over boxes of brand-new school shoes for children to use, as well as some stationery supplies.

Thami Mzuza, a representative for Kwacutshwayo Primary School, said that the contribution from the Hollywood Foundation will help to ease the burden off parents, and it will give their children a boost in their self-confidence.

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