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Back to School – Woodville Primary

hollywoodfoundation-IMG-20211122-WA0011Back to School – Woodville Primary2021/22 Handovers

The Back to School campaign by the Hollywood Foundation came at the right time for Woodville Primary. Based in Juno Street, Woodlands, the school has been making an active contribution to its learners since 1978. Learners also thoroughly enjoy its after-school sporting activities.

On 22 November 2021, the Team from Beacon Valley were happy to contribute school stationery supplies, which will ease the pressure off parents for the next schooling year. The school was “grateful, appreciative and excited” to receive the supplies, which may help to improve the quality of educational services that are offered to learners each year.

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“This is a huge cost-saving initiative for us. Our funds will now be available for additional resources. This is an excellent gift to our school, it is exactly what we require.”
W. Page
Principal for Woodville Primary

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