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Back to School – Springfield Hindu

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The Hollywood Foundation afforded different departments an opportunity to nominate a school that they thought could benefit from the life-changing Back to School campaign. The HR department identified Springfield Hindu Primary in Springfield as a school that comprises of vulnerable learners. The school was established in 1903, and teachers were overwhelmed after finding out that they will be receiving support this year.

The school primarily seeks to uplift and empower indigent children from the community. Teachers work tirelessly to ensure that these learners are given a good, quality education, as well as extra-curricular activities such as sport. The Team from HUTS visited the school on 27 January 2022 and were treated to a warm welcome from the teachers and learners, who even prepared a small dance item for the Team. The school was humbled to receive new stationery supplies for the new academic year.

Mr Mahomed, a representative for Springfield Hindu Primary, welcomed the contribution with open arms, and said that his hope is for the learners to achieve good academic results this year.

“This contribution is very welcome, because of our weak economy. Children are in dire need.”
Mr Mahomed
Representative for Springfield Hindu Primary
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