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Back to School – Esikhisini Primary School

hollywoodfoundation-PHOTO-2022-01-21-13-30-47Back to School – Esikhisini Primary School2021/22 Handovers

School shoes are considered one of the most important school items for learners to wear, and it is another requirement for parents to purchase. Many parents buy school shoes with the belief that it will last their children for a long period of time. The Hollywood Foundation’s Back to School campaign aimed to take this pressure off parents at Esikhisini Primary School this year, through the contribution of school shoes.

The school is based in Saulsuille and it was established in 1978. Majority of the parents of learners have stated that they are unemployed and find it difficult to make ends meet. Teachers at the school work tirelessly to ensure that learners are given a quality education, and they also seek to develop their skills through extra-curricular activities such as sports. The iBranch Team from Gauteng was proud to visit the school this year to hand over boxes of brand-new school shoes for learners to use this year.

L.S Maapea, a representative for Esikhisini Primary School, explained that the school shoes will help to contribute to the education of the children, and it will help them to gain a sense of confidence.

“My hope for the children is for them to succeed as independent, responsible adults.”
L.S Maapea
Representative for Esikhisini Primary School
hollywoodfoundation-PHOTO-2022-01-21-13-30-41Back to School – Esikhisini Primary School2021/22 Handovers
hollywoodfoundation-PHOTO-2022-01-21-13-30-38Back to School – Esikhisini Primary School2021/22 Handovers

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