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Back to School- Gwenane High School

hollywoodfoundation-Gwenane-High-School-22Back to School- Gwenane High School2021/22 Handovers

The saying goes, “Good shoes take you to good places” rang true when the Hollywood Foundation Team helped to put a spring in the step of some Gwenane High School pupils. The Hollywood Foundation Team was thrilled to contribute an array of school shoes to learners at Gwenane High School for the new schooling year. This formed part of the Back to School campaign for 2022.

Gwenane High School was established in 1993 and it also offers learners a feeding scheme and sporting activities. Previously, learners came to school with old shoes, which greatly impacted their self-esteem. On 14 January 2022, the school was ecstatic to welcome Team Members from the Mokopane branch, who visited the school to hand over the shoes to the learners as they gear up for the new term.

Ms Chakwe, a Teacher at Gwenane High School, said that the school shoes will now encourage the learners to come to school, and it will also boost their self-esteem. She added, “Keep helping others!”.

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hollywoodfoundation-Gwenane-High-School-31Back to School- Gwenane High School2021/22 Handovers
hollywoodfoundation-Gwenane-High-School-32Back to School- Gwenane High School2021/22 Handovers
hollywoodfoundation-Gwenane-High-School-24Back to School- Gwenane High School2021/22 Handovers

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