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Back to School – Fontein Primary School

hollywoodfoundation-IMG-20211124-WA0012Back to School – Fontein Primary School2021/22 Handovers

Since 1964, Fontein Primary School has been educating pupils in Westering, Eastern Cape. The school offers co-curricular activities for pupils to enjoy, such as sport, and previously, it struggled to address the poor and social ills of the community, especially vulnerable children who came to school with no uniforms. Through the Back to School campaign, the Hollywood Foundation was thrilled to bring hope to Fontein Primary School for the new schooling year in 2022.

On 24 November 2021, the Team from Newton visited the school to hand over school shoes and uniforms. Gary Groenewald, the Principal of Fontein Primary School, said that the contribution will help to boost the morale of learners, improve their self-esteem, give learners desired hope to succeed in life, as well as encouraging learners to become independent thinkers and “entrepreneurs of their own lives”.

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“The Back to School campaign has opened our hearts and minds as staff to assist our vulnerable learners and to start to make a difference in their lives.”
Gary Groenewald
Principal of Fontein Primary School

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