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Hailing from the Upper Highway area of KwaZulu-Natal, Pernel Ngubo’ childhood was marked by typical joys of friendship, play, and exploration. Like many youngsters, he attended school, immersed himself in outdoor games until the sun dipped below the horizon, and formed lasting bonds with new friends. Those formative years hold a special place in his heart, providing a treasure trove of memories.

Pernel is a rising talent in the world of rugby, currently registered with the esteemed Sharks Academy. Having spent over three years honing his skills and pursuing his passion at the academy, Pern’s journey is an inspiring testament to his unwavering dedication and commitment to his dream career.

His high school years were spent at Glenwood High School, where he continued to nurture his sporting prowess. However, his childhood dream career differed from the path he would ultimately embark upon. Growing up, Pernel aspired to be an actor or director, drawn to the enchanting world of the dramatic arts.

It was during the Kearsney Easter Rugby festival in 2019 that his trajectory changed. The Sharks Academy extended an invitation for him to join their ranks, recognising his potential and offering him a chance to pursue a professional sports career. Inspired by this opportunity, Pernel’s passion for rugby blossomed, leading him to choose a path where he could merge his love for sports with his desire to excel.

While registered with The Sharks Academy, he is also pursuing a Degree in Sports Management, demonstrating his dedication to education alongside his athletic pursuits. The Sharks Academy has played a pivotal role in Pernel’s life, and he acknowledges Mr. Etienne Fynn as the person who introduced him to this remarkable institution.

When reflecting on his career thus far, Pernel proudly cites his selection for the U20 squad in 2021 as his greatest achievement. This accomplishment serves as a testament to his hard work, determination, and talent on the rugby field. Looking ahead, he dreams of forging a successful acting career and creating an academy of his own, where he can inspire and nurture the talents of aspiring performers.

“Throughout my journey, I acknowledge the unwavering support of my mother, who has been instrumental in my success. As the breadwinner at home, she has shouldered many responsibilities, making me deeply appreciative of the Hollywood Foundation’s contribution. The Foundation’s support through the Future is Bright Bursary programme will alleviate some of the financial burdens and provide exposure to the inner workings of the entertainment industry, propelling me further along my path to success,” he said.

Grateful for this opportunity, he extends his heartfelt gratitude to the Hollywood Foundation, vowing to utilise the bursary to the best of his ability and perform at the highest level.

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