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The Hollywood Foundation supports Maris Stella’s indoor hockey team through a hockey sponsorship

hollywoodfoundation-Maris Stella Hockey Tour Cape Town Hollywood Foundation 1The Hollywood Foundation supports Maris Stella’s indoor hockey team through a hockey sponsorshipHollywoodbets iBranch MASTER


Sports development continues to be a major focus for the Hollywood Foundation. The Purple Team understands the importance of sport for young athletes, and the avenue that it affords them to grow their skills, talents, and abilities. The Team across the country has been making meaningful contributions to an array of clubs across various sporting codes, such as cricket and soccer. Through an indoor hockey sponsorship, the Hollywood Foundation was proud to support upcoming young athletes from Maris Stella, a school based in Durban.

In an effort to expand its inclusivity, the Team chose to sponsor Maris Stella’s indoor hockey tour to Cape Town and give these young girls a chance of a lifetime to play a sport that they are most passionate about, in a different city. A total of 32 eager girls embarked on this tour, which ran from 27 September to 1 October 2022. The girls were excited to set the court on fire, and competed in matches against Fairmont, Westerford, Herschel, St Cyprian’s, Springfield, and PSI. As part of an indoor hockey sponsorship, the Hollywood Foundation came on board to assist the team, and kindly sponsored hoodies and caps for the girls to wear during the course of the tour. The girls were also happy to receive a new sports kit, which gave them a sense of belonging and instilled values of teamwork during the various matches.

hollywoodfoundation-Sponsored hoodies from the Hollywood FoundationThe Hollywood Foundation supports Maris Stella’s indoor hockey team through a hockey sponsorshipSponsorship Programme
“Planning a sports tour for our Maris Stella girls is exciting and challenging. Finding the balance between experience and affordability is not an easy task. This year, our Maris Stella girls were incredibly fortunate to have been sponsored a range of new sports kit by Hollywood Foundation for the tour to Cape Town. The hockey vest has recently been revamped with a new design, and the sponsorship by Hollywood Foundation made it possible for every girl on tour to have this new kit, along with various other items. The new kit brought with it a renewed sense of team pride in all of the hockey girls, and this led to exceptional hockey being played. A heartfelt thank you to Hollywood Foundation for this generous sponsorship”,
Leanne Miskey
Head of Sport at Maris Stella

Vuyisile Ngobese, the Public Relations Officer for the Hollywood Foundation, explained that this contribution also allowed the Team to focus on the upliftment of girls within sport.

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