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#HandsOfHope campaign assists Isipingo Dakota Beach

hollywoodfoundation-PHOTO-2022-04-21-09-22-48#HandsOfHope campaign assists Isipingo Dakota Beach#HandsOfHope

The Hollywood Foundation Team from KwaZulu-Natal paid a visit to Isipingo Dakota Beach on 19 April 2022, to provide assistance using the #HandsOfHope campaign. The campaign has a purpose to ensure that various communities across the province are given much-needed support following the severe impact of the recent floods and heavy rain.

Angie Pakkiri, a Community Participation Personnel, said that community leaders came together with other stakeholders to open the community hall in the region, in an effort to offer shelter to the victims of the flood and ensure that they are provided with basic necessities. Many homes were flooded with water and families had to evacuate their houses as soon as possible. Currently, many people are living in the community hall, while others are attempting to rebuild their lives again. Through the campaign, the Hollywood Foundation contributed food parcels, blankets, mattresses and water to people living in the community hall. Angie was extremely thankful for this much-needed contribution, and said that it will make a tremendous difference in the lives of many people who have been left helpless during this time of uncertainty. She said, “Through assistance from the Hollywood Foundation, many victims now have a comfortable place to sleep on, with a warm blanket and less anxiety regarding where their next meal will come from. Most importantly, they have water to drink and bath.”

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