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The Bhambayi Project receives flood relief through the #HandsOfHope campaign.

hollywoodfoundation-IMG-6451The Bhambayi Project receives flood relief through the #HandsOfHope campaign.#HandsOfHope

The Bhambayi Project is based in Durban and it consists of a creche. The creche offers programmes to 150 children from the community, who are either orphaned, homeless, or live with guardians. The project offers support to these children, such as the opportunity to work in vegetable gardens to earn money.  The children also receive psychological and emotional support, such as trauma debriefing.

Using the #HandsOfHope campaign, the Hollywood Foundation Team from KwaZulu-Natal was proud to visit the organisation on 21 April 2022, to contribute blankets and food parcels. The items aim to provide immediate relief to children at the organisation, who are in need of support following the heavy rains and floods in the province. Natalie Naude, the Empowerment Manager at The Bhambayi Project, welcomed the much-needed contribution from the Hollywood Foundation, and said that the items will provide the children with short-term food security and warmth

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