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Hollywood Foundation’s CSI Initiative Restores Hope at Tereo Project School

hollywoodfoundation-IMG 20231129 WA0027Hollywood Foundation’s CSI Initiative Restores Hope at Tereo Project SchoolCorporate Social Investment Programme

The Hollywood Foundation continues to stand as a beacon of compassion and commitment, tirelessly dedicated to transforming the lives of underprivileged communities, especially children and youth, through their various CSI initiatives. With an unwavering belief that every child deserves an education and the chance for a brighter future, the Hollywood Foundation actively seeks partnerships with organisations that share this noble goal.

Nestled in the heart of Somerset West, the Tereo Project School is a faith-based, non-profit organisation that has been making a significant impact since its establishment in 2000. This school serves as a haven for children experiencing homelessness and those at risk, offering them a secure environment to learn and grow. The Tereo Project’s mission aligns seamlessly with the Hollywood Foundation’s vision, both entities sharing a common goal in breaking the cycle of poverty perpetuated by a lack of education.

hollywoodfoundation-IMG 20231129 WA0026Hollywood Foundation’s CSI Initiative Restores Hope at Tereo Project SchoolCorporate Social Investment Programme

Despite the noble mission, the Tereo Project School faced an unforeseen challenge when it was severely impacted by the floods that swept through the Western Cape in September 2023. However, the Hollywood Foundation, true to its commitment to Corporate Social Investment, swiftly responded to the call for assistance. On 29 November 2023, the Purple Team visited the Tereo Project School, offering a much-needed lifeline by replacing essential supplies, stationery, and carpets that had been damaged during the devastating floods.

The Hollywood Foundation’s CSI efforts not only addresses immediate needs but also echoes its enduring commitment to creating resilient young individuals who recognise their potential. By contributing to the restoration of the Tereo Project School, the Foundation aims to empower these children to become productive contributors to their families and communities, providing them with a viable alternative to the social challenges that often result from adverse circumstances.

Ann Coetzee, the CEO of Tereo Project, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the Hollywood Foundation’s CSI initiative. She emphasised the direct impact of the Foundation’s contribution, stating,

“We are thankful for the CSI initiative from the Hollywood Foundation; the learners at the school will directly benefit from the stationary provided.” The Hollywood Foundation’s unwavering commitment to CSI continues to illuminate pathways to education and hope for those who need it most.

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