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Hollywood Foundation’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiative Empowers Early Childhood Development

hollywoodfoundation-Hollywood Foundations Corporate Social Investment CSI Initiative Empowers Early Childhood Development 2Hollywood Foundation’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiative Empowers Early Childhood DevelopmentCorporate Social Investment Programme

The Hollywood Foundation continues to embody the spirit of Ubuntu by extending a helping hand to those in need. As a passionate supporter of community development, the foundation focuses on CSI initiatives that leave a lasting impact on people’s lives. One such initiative is the recent collaboration with the Union of Jewish Women Cape Town Branch, a stalwart organisation in the heart of Cape Town founded in 1942 with the objective of serving communities.

Throughout its history, the Union of Jewish Women Cape Town Branch has been a beacon of hope, providing welfare projects to diverse communities during challenging times, including the depression years, apartheid, and beyond. With a steadfast commitment to Early Childhood Development (ESD), the organisation has pioneered skills training, funded educational programmes, established crèches and nursery schools, and empowered disadvantaged sections of society to find employment and become self-sufficient.

Recognising the crucial role played by the Union of Jewish Women Cape Town in the community, the Hollywood Foundation’s Cape Town branch nominated them to receive assistance from the Purple Team which they then extended to Kensington Educare Centre.

On 12 December 2023, the Purple Team made a heartfelt journey to Kensington, where they delivered a generous contribution to the Kensington Educare Centre, a beneficiary of the Union of Jewish Women Cape Town. The CSI initiative included the provision of much-needed graduation gowns, school supplies, educational toys, a gas stove, and an urn. The impact was immediate and profound, as big smiles and gratitude filled the air on this special day of celebration for the beneficiaries.

Wendy Claasen, the Principal at Kensington Educare Centre, expressed her heartfelt gratitude, stating,

“The educational toys provided are invaluable for fine motor skills and cognitive, as well as holistic development skills.” The Hollywood Foundation’s through this CSI initiative, continues to demonstrate its commitment to making a positive and sustainable difference in the lives of those it serves, fostering a spirit of Ubuntu that resonates throughout the community.

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