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Thushanang Stimulation Centre

Thushanang Stimulation Centre

Hollywoodbets Middelburg chose to support Thushanang Stimulation Centre as part of the Hollywoodbets My Community Programme for 2020/2021

Hollywoodbets Middelburg
Thushanang Stimulation Centre

Thushanang Stimulation Centre opened its doors in 2002 and ever since they have cared for children living with different types of disabilities. They provide daily meals and teach these children the necessary skills to help them better their standard of living.
When the Team from Hollywoodbets Middelburg heard that the centre was recently broken into, they chose to show their support because things had become difficult for everyone at Thushanang. The Team chose to donate four floor mats, four cooking pots, a DVD system, a four-plate gas stove and a fridge.
Lesaja Loddens, representative of the centre, explained that they were all thrilled to receive this support from the Hollywoodbets Team.

“We will now have more space to store food in the new fridge and can prepare meals on our new stove. Our classrooms will now be kept extra warm in the winters thanks to the floor mats that we received,” she said.

Contact details:
C: 071 463 0213

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