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Tornado Football Club welcomes soccer sponsorship from the Hollywood Foundation

hollywoodfoundation-3. Players from Tornado Football Club with their new kitTornado Football Club welcomes soccer sponsorship from the Hollywood FoundationHollywoodbets iBranch MASTER

Ken Doherty once said, “The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit”. Bearing this in mind, the Hollywood Foundation has firmly cemented its commitment to sports development, by supporting an array of grassroots clubs throughout the country. The Purple Team recognises the positive impact that sport has shown to have on the upbringing of the youth, and the values that it helps to instill in them. In February, it was a privilege for the Hollywood Foundation to venture to a dynamic sports club in the Western Cape, to present them with a soccer sponsorship.

Tornado Football Club was established in 2003, and is currently based in Mfuleni, Western Cape. There are 140 players, who are spread across a total of five teams. Junior structures have been put into place, in order to ensure that young talent receive the necessary training and guidance to flourish in their sporting career. The players are consistent and determined, who enjoy engaging in active practice sessions, four days a week, at Mfuleni Field. The club was ultimately formed to protect the future of the youth from surrounding communities and preventing them from enduring a harsh life that includes crime, drugs and alcohol. The club has produced some phenomenal players, who have moved up to the Castle ABC league in the Cape Winelands region. There were many challenges that the club had to endure, which prompted them to reach out to the Hollywood Foundation for assistance. On 26 February 2023, the Team from Kuils River paid a visit to the club, to present them with their new sporting gear, as part of a soccer sponsorship. The players were excited to receive the brand-new kits, as they happily posed for photographs as a team. Sipho Daniso, the Chairperson of Tornado Football Club, expressed his gratitude to the Hollywood Foundation for their support, and said, “This contribution will motivate and encourage us to do better, on and off the field.”

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