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Phoenix United FC – Soccer Kit Sponsorship

hollywoodfoundation-WhatsApp-Image-2022-01-19-at-13.53.17Phoenix United FC – Soccer Kit Sponsorship2021/22 Handovers

Based in Western Cape, Phoenix United FC was founded in 2021, and the club aimed to provide the neighboring communities with a sporting structure and an outlet into soccer. The club is comprised of 19 teams, ranging from the under-eight ranks to the senior teams. Players practice twice a week, at a nearby car park or at the local park. The club was formed with a key vision to push kids into sport and away from drugs and other harmful social activities, so that they can one day go onto become a professional in the football industry.

The Hollywood Foundation chose to reach out to the club, and on 19 January 2022, the Team from Montague Gardens visited Phoenix United FC to hand over playing kits to the players. The owner of Phoenix United FC, Mr. Neville, thanked the Hollywood Foundation for choosing his club, and was truly grateful to receive the new playing kit.

hollywoodfoundation-WhatsApp-Image-2022-01-19-at-13.53.16Phoenix United FC – Soccer Kit Sponsorship2021/22 Handovers
hollywoodfoundation-WhatsApp-Image-2022-01-19-at-13.53.16-1Phoenix United FC – Soccer Kit Sponsorship2021/22 Handovers

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