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New soccer kit for the Area 51 Soccer club.

hollywoodfoundation-fb2f4b24-71fe-42e8-aa94-f15c80e3abdcNew soccer kit for the Area 51 Soccer club.2022/2023 Handovers

Area 51 is a football club based in Berea, and it was formed in 2014. The club is comprised of 19 players, who form part of two teams. The club started as a social event, and players practice four times a week.

Sports development forms a vital part of the Hollywood Foundation, and the Team prides itself on the ability to change the lives of many players from developing sport teams. On 8 April 2022, the Team from Dukwahs paid a visit to Area 51, to present them with brand-new soccer kits to wear when competing in matches this year. The club has opened up about the struggle of limited soccer gear, and its effects on the players. Shivan Singh, the Captain of Area 51, said that the contribution will now motivate the players to do better, reap rewards, and uphold the name of the Hollywood Foundation.

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