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Madonsi Brave Hunters grateful for soccer sponsorship from the Hollywood Foundation

hollywoodfoundation-1. Players from Madonsi Brave Hunters with the soccer kit contributionMadonsi Brave Hunters grateful for soccer sponsorship from the Hollywood FoundationHollywoodbets iBranch MASTER

The Hollywood Foundation is continuing to uplift many development sports clubs across South Africa. The impact of sport has proven to have a profound impact on individuals, particularly the youth, as it affords them an opportunity to gain valuable skills, and work effectively within a team. With grassroots sports development being a key focus for the Hollywood Foundation, it was an honour for the Team to embark on a meaningful handover in Limpopo in February this year, as part of a soccer sponsorship.

Madonsi Brave Hunters is a soccer club that is based in Malamulele, and it was formed in 1987. Currently, there are 30 players at the club, who are between the ages of 18 to 30. The club was proud to implement junior structures, in order to foster young talent. There are four teams in total, and the players love to participate in active practice sessions, four days a week, at Madonsi Boltman. There was a great need to form the soccer club, due to the many social ills that were prevalent within the community. Many of the youngsters were frequently exposed to a harsh lifestyle that consisted of alcohol and drugs, and the club was created to ensure that the youth remained fit and active, and worked towards a promising future. One of the club’s proudest moments was winning a tournament in 2021, which was held by the Madonsi Gracious Givers. Hard work and determination also saw one of the club’s players being promoted to the Castle League. A frequent challenge at the club was the difficulty in purchasing kits for the players to wear during practice sessions and matches. The Hollywood Foundation continues to prioritise the health and wellbeing of the youth through sports, and on 23 February 2023, the Team from Mokopane was proud to contribute new soccer kits for the players. This soccer sponsorship will hopefully instill values of unity amongst the players at the club, and motivate them to perform at their absolute best against other competing teams.

Kenny Makhubele, the Coach for Madonsi Brave Hunters, thanked the Hollywood Foundation for coming to their aid, and said that the contribution will have a positive impact on the players.

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