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Hotspurs FC happily receives new soccer kits

hollywoodfoundation-IMG 20220129 103830 resized 20220210 092036927Hotspurs FC happily receives new soccer kits2021/22 Handovers

Hotspurs FC was formed in 2020 and it is comprised of 79 players and three teams. Players practice from Monday to Friday at Kwanonqaba. The club was primarily formed to prevent children from living on the street and to reduce the number of drug abuse and crime-related activities by teenagers in the area.

The Hollywood Foundation is still in the process of touching lives through sport. The Team has been making a difference by contributing soccer kits to various developing sporting teams in the country. On 29 January 2022, the Team from Mossel Bay was proud to hand over brand new soccer kits to Hotspurs FC. The Manager of Hotspurs FC, Cekiso Akhona, was overjoyed after receiving the kits, and said that the kit was the first donation that was ever made to the club. He added that the soccer kits will motivate the players in all the teams, as well as those who wish to join the club in the future.

hollywoodfoundation-IMG 20220129 104011 resized 20220210 092036775Hotspurs FC happily receives new soccer kits2021/22 Handovers

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