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Hollywoodbets Empangeni chose to support Golden Chiefs FC as part of the Hollywoodbets My Community Programme for 2019/2020. Read on to learn more about the team’s visit.

Hollywoodbets Empangeni
Golden Chiefs FC 
Since 1981 this club has opened its doors to the youth of their community in an effort to keep them away from unsavoury activities like substance abuse and crime. They also believe in instilling good sporting skills in the players from a young age. The Golden Chiefs’ proudest moment was when they won a tournament playing in the kit that Hollywoodbets donated to them in a previous year.
The Team from Hollywoodbets Empangeni saw the great potential in the team and donated a full kit to them to help ease the financial strain the club is under.
Club Owner, Jacob Mchunu, believes that the new soccer kits will boost the team’s confidence and spirit.
“The donation from Hollywoodbets has helped the club to look good and has boosted their confidence when playing. The kits have motivated them to push even harder during their games,” he said.
Contact details:
C: 079 965 7932
E: [email protected]
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