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Gardens Rugby Football Club welcomes a sponsorship from the Hollywood Foundation

hollywoodfoundation-2. Representatives from Gardens Rugby Football Club with the contribution minGardens Rugby Football Club welcomes a sponsorship from the Hollywood FoundationRugby Sponsorship

Rugby is a widely-played sport in South Africa, and in an effort to continue to leave a legacy for younger generations, the Hollywood Foundation has chosen to invest into the sport at grassroots level. Throughout the years, an array of rugby clubs have warmly welcomed support from the Purple Team, and many young sporting stars have received the relevant assistance to shine in their respective careers. With that being said, the Purple Team ventured to a dynamic rugby club in May, in order to present them with a rugby sponsorship to allow their players to succeed on the field.

Formed in 1932, Gardens Rugby Football Club has a long history of promoting rugby within the community in Kariega. The club is passionate about welcoming the next generation of athletes, and many programmes and training sessions are focussed on unlocking the potential talent of the youth. Sport has proven to have a phenomenal impact on the youth, as it helps to keep them away from many social challenges that are prevalent within society, and engaging in physical activity also helps them to learn important life lessons such as team work, persistence and discipline. Gardens Rugby Football Club consists of hardworking coaches and trainers, who share the club’s vision and goal to win competitive matches and offer effective programmes to society. The club faced many challenges in terms of resources and equipment, which is a hardship that many developing sports clubs face on a constant basis. The Hollywood Foundation, being a champion of nurturing talent and helping to raise skilled and talented athletes, saw it fit to assist Gardens Rugby Football Club through a rugby sponsorship. The Team visited the club on 10 May 2023, to humbly present the players with a new kit and equipment for their upcoming matches. The Secretary of Gardens Rugby Football Club expressed delight after receiving the much-needed assistance from the Hollywood Foundation, and said that the items will greatly help to eliminate many of the club’s challenges going forward.

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