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The Hollywood Foundation’s Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Programme Transforms Mama 911 Take-Away

hollywoodfoundation-IMG 20240417 WA0006The Hollywood Foundation’s Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Programme Transforms Mama 911 Take-AwayHollywoodbets iBranch MASTER

With the high unemployment rate in South Africa and lack of opportunities for young people, the Hollywood Foundation’s ESD programme is dedicated to assisting SMMEs grow their businesses to promote job creation and better the economy of South Africa. This commitment is exemplified by their significant support for local businesses like Mama 911 Take-Away.

Mama 911 Take-Away is a local restaurant that opened in 2012, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to residents of George Thembalethu. Situated at the Thembalethu taxi rank, the business faced numerous challenges from its inception, struggling to gain traction in its early years. The Covid-19 pandemic further exacerbated these issues, forcing the business to close in 2019, due to the widespread economic impact.

In November 2021, the Hollywood Foundation’s ESD Team discovered Mama 911 Take-Away and decided to intervene. Their influence was transformative. Owner Khotsang Koloi expressed deep gratitude for the assistance, stating, “The Hollywood Foundation significantly improved my business’s image by painting my business container and putting up a big sign with my business name on it. The Foundation also provided monthly incentives to help my business to continue operating.”

The Hollywood Foundation’s ESD programme went even further by supplying essential equipment to Mama 911 Take-Away. Koloi elaborated, “The Hollywood Foundation came back and bought me equipment for my business. Today, I have a fridge, pots, stove, microwave, fan, chairs, and tables, which my business never had before. All my dreams came true through the Hollywood Foundation’s support. I would like to thank the Hollywood Foundation from the bottom of my heart and hope they continue their excellent work.”

The impact of the Hollywood Foundation’s ESD programme on Mama 911 Take-Away highlights the vital role such initiatives play in revitalising small businesses and fostering economic growth in local communities. Through their continued support, the Hollywood Foundation is helping businesses survive and thrive, contributing to the broader goal of economic development in South Africa.


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