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The Hollywood Foundation’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiative Transforms Lives at Humanist D.P Workshop

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In the heart of Phuthaditjhaba, a beacon of hope shines brightly through the Humanist D.P. Workshop, an organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of those living with disabilities. Established in 2018, this workshop has become a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives, supported by the Hollywood Foundation’s impactful CSI programmes.

The Hollywood Foundation, driven by a passion for community development, has been a steadfast advocate for empowering individuals to shape a brighter future for themselves and their families. Recognising the impact of their CSI initiatives, the Foundation actively contributes to community-based projects that address social issues which challenge South African communities daily. One such organisation is the Humanist D.P Workshop, a haven for skill development among people living with disabilities.

In 2018, the Humanist D.P Workshop was born with a mission to equip their beneficiaries living with disabilities with invaluable wood and metalwork skills. Beyond imparting practical skills for income generation, the organisation focuses on nurturing a positive attitude among its beneficiaries. The Hollywood Foundation’s Phuthaditjhaba Branch recognised the remarkable work of the workshop and, in an inspiring show of support, nominated them for assistance through the foundation’s CSI programme.

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On 19 December 2023, the Hollywood Foundation and the Phuthaditjhaba Branch team joined forces to make a meaningful contribution to the Humanist D.P. Workshop. The generous donation included essential equipment such as a field toilet, water tank, protective gear, and other supplies. This act of kindness not only lightened the organisation’s operational load but also provided the beneficiaries with the tools they needed to thrive.

Teboho P. Motsamai, the representative at the Humanist D.P Workshop, warmly expressed his excitement and gratitude for the Hollywood Foundation’s contribution. “We are grateful to the Hollywood Foundation for the CSI support. It will make our work easier and assist us in generating income,” he remarked. The Hollywood Foundation’s commitment to transforming lives through strategic CSI initiatives continues to weave a tapestry of hope, resilience, and empowerment in communities across South Africa.

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