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Back to School – Sandasonke Primary School

hollywoodfoundation-IMG 20220124 WA0030Back to School – Sandasonke Primary School2021/22 Handovers

Teachers, learners and parents were excited to hear the news that Sandasonke Primary School will be receiving assistance from the Hollywood Foundation’s Back to School campaign this year. Based in Mnyathi Road, the school has been equipping learners with knowledge and skills since 1992. Learners at the school lacked self-confidence, as they came from disadvantaged areas and their parents could not afford to purchase school uniforms and school shoes for them.

Learners at the school also receive meals from the school and enjoy various sporting activities. The purpose of the Back to School campaign is to transform the lives of learners, so that they will feel motivated and encouraged to empower themselves at school. The Team from the Yusuf Dadoo branch was thrilled to visit the school on 24 January 2022 to hand over much-need school uniforms and school shoes.

“This contribution will help to build the children’s self-esteem, and it will allow them to be happy with the other children. Thank you to the Hollywood Foundation for your generosity.”
Mr Ndlovu
Teacher at Sandasonke Primary School
hollywoodfoundation-IMG 3487 scaledBack to School – Sandasonke Primary School2021/22 Handovers
hollywoodfoundation-IMG 3501 scaledBack to School – Sandasonke Primary School2021/22 Handovers

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